Waterproof 7 Pin Spiral Extension Cord Cable For Truck Rear View Camera System



                           Waterproof Truck 7 Pin Reverse Camera System Trailer Extension Cord


1. Specification :


7 Pin Reverse Camera System Extension Cord used in the market all kinds of trailers, trailers, fire engines, large trucks above.


In order to facilitate the special working conditions of transport vehicles, such as: frequency shock, high temperature, working environment dusty, more oil and other conditions, try to improve the material of the wire, the use of TPE / TPU / TPEE / PU and other high-quality raw materials, not only to enable High temperature conditions, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to swing, conductive stability. But also allows the transmission of the signal is very stable.



2. Heavy Duty One Camera Quick Disconnect Kit



Connector  7 Pin trailer plug
Gender Male to Male , Female to Female ,
Cable Length  10M+ 4M + 10M
Cable OD 8.0MM
Outside Jacket  PU

This kit allows you to put up one camera on a trailer and connect it to a truck

Curly Cord expands up to 15'ft


2 X Bulkhead Connectors
1 X Curly Cord
1 X 33ft Truck Cable
1 X 66FT Trailer Cable



3. Feature:


100% waterproof design

Flange on bulkhead connector locks curly cord in when in use

Flaps on bulkhead connectors slam shut to keep water out when not in use


Waterproof 7 Pin Spiral Extension Cord Cable For Truck Rear View Camera System



Car Reverse Camera Cable

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