Waterproof 6 Pin S Video Cable Male And Female Plug For Camera Rear View System



                          Waterproof 6 Pin Extension S Video Cable Male And Female Plug



1. Specifications


S Video cable.
1: Mini S video 6 pin socket.
2: OEM and ODM order are welcome

S Video cable

1: 1 mini 6 Pin male to female socket.
2: RCA connector and DC socket.
3: Customized lengths are welcome.
4:OEM orders are accepted


mbient temperature: -22~+85°C
Relative humidity: Temperature is 40 centigrade reach 93%
Insulation resistance: normal temperature 75MΩ
Rated current: 3A
Vibratioin: Frequency 0~500HZ,reach 100m/s2
Collision: Acceleration 250m/s2
Mechanical life-span: 500 times

2. Product Description

S-Video SVideo (SVHS) Gold Plated Cable 6 pin 6 ft. Silver S-Video Cables provide better color and detail than Composite Video and are typically used with DVD players, S-VHS VCRs, and Digital Satellite Receivers. S-Video Cables deliver true 75-Ohm impedance and utilize premium-quality materials to deliver excellent clarity and superior color accuracy. Nickel Plated. Low-Loss Fully-Shielded S-Video Cables.


3. Applications

Use this cable to transfer high definition video from your DVD, HDDVD, Blue-ray, DVR, Satellite/Cable Box, VHS, etc. to your TV. This PCD Basics Cable includes the following features: Strain relief to protect the connector when installing; and an outer protective jacket.


4. Product Features

Ideal for TV's, monitors, VCRs, projectors and other video devices
6-Contact Mini-DIN Plug to Plug - Nickel Plated.
AWG28 Stranded Copper Center Conductors.
Fully Molded
Flexible Black PVC Jacket.

Waterproof 6 Pin S Video Cable Male And Female Plug For Camera Rear View System


S Video Cable

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